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Understand French in Months

The English revival caused the people to look to Our god for hope whereas that French had only politicians and atheistic philosophers. The lesson is that God can avert destruction within a nation that acknowledges Him as Saviour. The situation in Sierra Leone with May 2000 is a case in point. God miraculously saved the nation each time when destruction loomed significant. The nation responded on the call to shout 'Jesus' at 5: 00 p. meters. on Monday May 9 2000. God honoured this showing of faith and reliance on Him for the reason that only hope. The peaceful elections in May 2002 and August/September 2007 could also be attributed to the redeeming work of God within a land where He is actually exalted. In like fashion, Horton (1993) firmly believed that "God produced a peaceful change inside protestant land of England, in contrast to the turmoil with the Roman Catholic France" (p. 72).

Additionally, the church in any nation ought not fraternize with the condition to oppress masses since the latter could rebel with frenzied violence. In France, the revolutionists demonstrated that "they could break down barriers if they were driven to desperation" (Rowe, 1931, p. 420). Furthermore, ideas that glorify man and sentence God to help temporary or permanent exile could be dangerous to any country. The French Revolution floored Europe and awakened visitors to the power of ideas and forces that had become part of western culture. For many, "those ideas and forces connoted the disruptions and destruction which might be expected from unrestrained rationalism" (Manschreck, 1974, 298).

In the study, the researcher realizes which pagan religions and options could penetrate areas once dominated by Christianity as a result of the state of this church. During his lectures, Dr. Faupel lamented that an impending doom could loose time waiting for the church in The united states because of inherent weakness including racist Christian policies. As Rodney observed (1972), "racism... [was] a set of generalizations and assumptions, which often had no scientific bias, but... rationalized in each and every sphere from theology to help biology" (p. 99). Contemporary Christianity should realize that it really the cold impotent ash (such as the church in France before the revolution) but an exciting church fulfilling the Great Commission. Sumrall (1980) caustically terminated refusal to spread the gospel as "reckless spiritual homicide" (p. 8). The contemporary church must be willing to sacrifice like Christ along with the saints of old if the earth should be packed with the glory of God as the waters cover the ocean. Houghton (1980) hoped that contemporary church would be mindful to the fact that "when the church moves astray, denying Him who had bought His people with His precious blood, the lord [sends] trials and afflictions to fix His unfaithful children" (k. 34).


The above mentioned notwithstanding, the blood of a martyr is seed for the church. After the The french language Revolution, Christianity, probably on the dismay of the revolutionaries, don't die. Truth (Jesus) was at the grave for a few days but eventually resurrected. Persecution, inside history of Christianity, could be regarded being a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block. Fire do not beget cold and impotent lung burning ash. After the French Trend, the church became even more involved in speaking on relevant issues of the day. Introduction to the French Language

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